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Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
Easter: Jesus Lives Again! - Easter was celebrated at the Glassport Memorial Stadium in Pennsylvania in a most unusual and bizarre way a few years ago. Reportedly, a church celebrated Easter by whipping an Easter bunny during a drama about Jesus’ crucifixion. Chicken eggs were also broken as performers attempted to teach the audience about Jesus’ death. The youth pastor stated that the performance “wasn’t meant to be offensive.” But parents were offended, and one child cried as the bunny was being whipped. His mother reported later, “He was crying and asking me why the bunny was being whipped.” In April 2004, the city council of St. Paul, Minnesota removed Easter bunny decorations from the lobby of the city council because they were afraid some non-Christians might be offended at the sight of a toy rabbit, some pastel-colored eggs, and a sign with the words “Happy Easter.” “As government, we have a different responsibility about advancing the cause of religion. . . click to continue
Are You Wasting Your Life?
It All Comes Down To Your Heart? - God says that we struggle in this life because we have the wrong focus. The truth is we think everybody else is our problem - the politicians, unloving parents, the disappointing husband or wife, and last of all God. In this message you will discover what God says is our real problem.
Bible Questions?   Feature Section
Have A Bible Question?
Have A Bible Question? - Do you have a question about the Bible? Then visit this section and ask your question. You can also explore the archive of over 1,100 questions with in-depth answers. You will enjoy reading what others have asked and the response to their question.
Searching For God?
Searching For God?
How Can One Go To Heaven? - Are you seriously looking for God? Do you wonder if God cares about you? Do you wonder how God views us?
Are You A True Christian?
Are You A True Christian? - Take this test and discover if you are a true Christian.  There are two parts to this test. A true Christian is more than one who says they are a Christian and attended church for some period of time. Are you to heaven or hell?
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Atheist MonumentFor those who desire to encourage others to visit NeverThirsty and to have a link to this site, we have prepared a variety of special links you can use at church, on your website, blog and etc. Visit Link To Us and discover what is available.
Review - Books
dotThe Pursuit of God - If you are thirsting after God and longing to know more about Him then this short book, The Pursuit of God, is for you. It is a classic and a must read. The author is A.W. Tozer.
dotThe Truth War - Thomas Nelson Publishing has just released a new book from John MacArthur. It is called The Truth War. It speaks to the increasing attack on truth that is occurring in our times. This is a great book to read.
dotSystematic Theology by Wayne Grudem - Do you really want to dig deep and explore your faith? Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology is a solid book for the serious Christian.
dotProtestant Biblical Interpretation - Looking for a book that gives you solid principles for interpreting the Bible? The author on the subject is Bernard Ramm. His book is solid and foundational. It is highly recommended.
dotDavid by Dr. J. Vernon McGee - The scriptures tell us that David was a man after God's own heart. Dr. McGee provides a wonderful study in his folksy manner in the life of King David.
dot850 Books by Master's Seminary - Are you seeking a recommended list of study books on the Bible? This list of 850 books covers commentaries, Bible dictionaries, language tools, Bibles, concordances, and much, much more.  You can download it for free from The Master's Seminary.
dotCommentaries For Biblical Expositors - This book is an extensive list of recommended books for biblical studies. The author is Dr. Jim Rosscup, retired professor at the Master's Seminary. This is a most helpful book. It can be purchased at GBIBooks.com.
Historical Jesus
Historical Quotes About Christ - Did you know that ancient secular historians, Jewish scholars, and Roman officials made historical references about Jesus Christ? They say that Jesus did miracles.
The Life and Heart of Jesus
The Life of Christ - Are you interested in knowing more about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ? Then this Bible study is for you. It explores the four gospels of the New Testament, presents photos of Israel, paintings, maps, and quotes from secular historians to help us learn more about Him.
Biblical Church Leadership
Biblical Church Leadership - What is a biblical form of church government? The New Testament reveals that the church should be led by elders and not deacons. Deacons and deaconesses are to help the elders. The elders are to study the Word of God and shepherd the flock of God. Making decisions is a secondary role. But the character of the man is more important than the structure of the church.
Solid Roots Study Series
Solid Roots Bible Study - This study series features 10 lessons covering topics about how we got the Bible, the origin of man, sin, the death of Christ for example. Each lesson has a student and a teachers' edition. This series is great for a group Bible study.
Feature Articles
A wide variety of hard hitting articles dealing with our culture and the Christian life have been written which impact your life. Here are a few titles:
  1. Lost Books of the Bible
  2. Rise of Women Pastors
  3. What Are You Seeking?
  4. A Call: Teach The Bible
  5. Is Forgiveness Missing?
You can find these and other titles in the Featured Articles section.
Key Bible Studies
dot The Unusual Healing
dot Feeding of the 4,000
dot Healing of the Blind Man
dot Confession of Peter
dot How To Save Your LIfe
dotExpel Some Only By Prayer
dotThe Two Drachma Tax
dotWhen Should A Spouse Flee?
dotWho Is The Greatest
dotDistorting Jesus, part 1
dotDistorting Jesus, part 2
MP3 Audio Bible Studies
Online MP3 Bible Studies
Online MP3 Bible Studies - We have added additional audio Bible studies for your spiritual growth. You can download them and listen on your smartphone or you can listen online. Some studies have PowerPoint charts that you can watch as you listen.
Special Studies
Christmas Accounts & Messages
Christmas Accounts & Messages - The Christmas story is actually the account of the birth of Jesus Christ who was God in human flesh. The full Christmas story is presented in "The Christmas Gift" and "Messiah - Prince of Peace." Individual studies are provided along with a fuller presentation of the historical events surrounding Jesus' birth, the visit of the shepherds, and the coming of the wise men.
Celebrating Halloween
Seeking The Will of God - Have you ever wondered what the will of God is for you in a particular situation? The Old Testament gives us guidelines for knowing the will of God in general. The New Testament gives us five statements that read, "The will of God is . . . "This short study is designed to help you know His will for your life!
Angels - Good & Evil
Angels - Good & Evil - Angelic beings are a mystery to us. Many of us are fascinated by angels. We can purchase angel figurines and products in both secular and Christian stores. We imagine that angels are soft, winged creatures with pink and white clothes. But what does the Bible say about them? How did angels come into existence? What are their abilities? What is their purpose or job? What is their future?
Prophecy of The Future
Prophecy of The Future - God has already determined the future of the universe. The next major event in our future is the removal of every Christian from the earth. What follows is a literal hell on earth. Then Jesus Christ returns and He sets up His 1,000 year earth kingdom. This study explains all of the details.
Five Priorities of the Church
Five Priorities of the Church - What are the five priorities of your church? When you come to church, what are you looking for? Are you looking for a nice bulletin, contemporary music or a humorous pastor? What are your priorities?